ISO certifications in smart mobility: a path of corporate growth!

In recent years it has become increasingly crucial to be able to stand out from the competition in the international marketplace. For this reason, an added value on which enterprises should focus these days is certainly company and product certification. A guarantee of quality that positively influences the relationship and builds confidence with customers and also becomes vital for relations with Public Administration, which more and more often considers certification mandatory to participate in public tenders.

The award of a certification to a product or company is an acknowledgment that the creation, application and maintenance of a Company System is compliant with specific reference standards, valid internationally. The most authoritative organization in the world on the subject is the International Organization for Standardization of which we all know the acronym ISO. These certifications take special care in the process of certifying the compliance of the company with evaluation criteria aimed at establishing the presence of specific elements within the company processes.

Keeping all ISO certifications in mind would be impossible, given that it is a set of hundreds of elements; for the sake of simplicity, let’s try to mention the main ones with their field of application:

  • ISO 9001, quality
  • ISO 14001, environment
  • ISO 27001, information security
  • ISO 50001, energy management

Alongside a competitive advantage and the possibility of participating in public and private tenders, the value of the certifications lies mainly in the internal improvement path that the company undertakes. The management can acquire a deeper awareness of the company’s operations and for all the staff, the certification becomes an opportunity to implement procedures considered valid and improvements that they never had time to apply. As a gradual process, the company embarks on a path of improvement that leads it to grow with synergy following the standards required internationally. From a substantial point of view, this improvement can translate into a reduction in the risk of not respecting what is promised to customers and in the ability to keep processes under control by measuring performance and identifying adequate key performance indicators.

The certifications that play an important role in our sector of competence are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, with particular reference to extensions 27017 and 27018: company quality and information security with particular attention to the cloud environment.

The reflections you have just read are those that led us to undertake our certification process last year. We achieved the certifications we targeted: ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 (with extensions 27017 and 27018); however, we want to consider these certificates as a good starting point in order to guarantee our customers products and processes of ever higher quality.

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