OpenMove WAY

The MaaS in users’ pockets

The app OpenMove WAY allows the user to find information on mobility and conveniently purchase tickets with their smartphone, drawing on a fully integrated mobility offer. The application offers powerful features such as trip planner, multimodal integrations, next time arrivals and one-tap payment.


Keeping up with the times

Are new technologies just a pain in the neck or actually a real opportunity? Information and tickets are already in users’ pockets, without any distribution costs. A powerful interaction channel with citizens.

No more queues

The self-service ticket purchase and the autonomous information retrieval avoid queues at the ticket office, reducing the waiting time for everyone.

Foreign customers

No more trouble with foreign languages or currencies: the app communicates directly with its users in many different languages ​​and handles transactions in multiple currencies.

New sales channel

Smartphone acts as an additional sales channel to intercept new digital users and facilitate payments, allowing revenue increase.


One app for all services

All mobility services – bus, train, metro, parking, taxi, … – of multiple providers are integrated into one app: an offer centered around the user, convenient and complete, essential for a truly fluid journey.

Multiple fare schemes

Management of multiple fare schemes: one-way or round tickets, time cap, seasonal tickets, urban and suburban, as well as bundles of complementary services.

Best fare with just one tap

The proprietary Fares System by OpenMove calculates the best fare for all the services the user needs and allows one-tap pay, even with multiple payment systems, from credit card to Paypal.

Seamless user experience

The app is extremely easy to use since the user interface highlights the journey and its dynamics: trip planning, purchase and validation of the ticket.

Trip planner

The integrated multimodal trip planner recommends the best travel solutions, suggesting the best ticket combinations needed for each trip, even with solutions like park&ride.

Real-time vehicle location

Dynamic data coming from AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) are shown in real time to the users on the map and through the timetables, calculating the estimated time of arrival at the stop. Without dynamic data, static data can be interpolated to achieve a realistic animation.

Loyalty scheme and gamification

An offer of personalized mobility for each individual user, thanks to mechanisms such as “the more you travel, the less you pay” or specific rewards when you achieve certain goals.

Account-based ticketing with biometric authentication

The only access ticket is user credentials. Authentication is safe and fast thanks to the compatibility with biometric sensors of the most modern smartphones, such as Face ID and Touch ID.

Instant validation and integration with access gates

Boarding has never been so fast, thanks to the use of multiple validation technologies – even hardwareless – such as QR Code, NFC, alphanumeric code, Bluetooth and integration with gates.

Recommender system

The intelligent recommendation system is able to proactively suggest the best ticket options when and where they are needed, profiling users personal preferences.

Integration with new generation devices

Nowadays, the smartphone is complemented by new generation companions such as smartwatches – Apple Watch and Android Wear – and voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

Seat reservation

Thanks to the graphical display of availability based on calendar and trips, it is easy to reserve the desired seat for a specific trip, parking slot or access in a certain time slot.

Smart service alerts

Delivering service alerts is critical and we do it intelligently with both push notifications, even with geo-referenced awakening, and by channelling them within the app.

Privacy and security first

Our users’ data comes first: all our software solutions comply with the latest privacy guidelines, including GDPR, and rely on certified service providers and certified data storage facilities.

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