People, not tickets

The Account Based ticketing system which allows single sales capabilities across mulitple channels as well as a comprehensive set of tools for field personnel.

  • Account Based Ticketing on cloud
  • Omnichannel digital sales
  • E-commerce with digital payment
  • White label app for users
  • Sales tools for field personnel and resellers
  • Complete control of the collection
  • Fast and reliable activation of tickets
  • Anti-fraud detection


To each who seeks their own place

The travel booking and management tool, capable of optimizing each trip with the flexibility of an on-call system.

  • Digital seat reservation
  • Boarding lists in real time
  • Flexible on-call services based on demand
  • Better accessibility to services for various user categories
  • Automated trip management
  • Fast onboarding
  • Optimization of seat reservations


Moving artfully

The ability to provide travelers with accurate and real-time information for embarking on a perfect journey.

  • Service timetables
  • Real-time Vehicle positioning and mapping within the app and web portals
  • Route calculation with intermodal trip planner
  • Automated dispatchment of information to external channels
  • Guaranteed ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
  • Real-time changes and alerts for planned itinerary


And yet it moves

The tool for real-time and accurate fleet tracking and performance monitoring.

  • Vehicle tracking also via smartphone, tablet or validator
  • Integration with service planning
  • Reporting and certification of the service performed
  • Performance indicators of vehicles and drivers (eco driving)
  • Dialogue between vehicles and Control Center
  • Monitoring and telemetry


The future of mobility

The expert solution which addresses the freedom of movement and the mobility management of the future.

  • Mobility as a Service: digital meeting of mobility supply and demand
  • Intermodality: comprehending and integrating multiple transport services
  • Access and booking services to the mobility options of a region
  • Communication channel with users
  • Full interoperability of data and services
  • Be a protagonist for the mobility landscape of the future
  • Enable synergies to create a new Transportation marketplace
  • Promote increased user base and revenues


Everything under control

The complete toolset for transport control, to analyze the past, monitor the present and improve the future.

  • Clear and precise charts, tables and maps
  • Generation of data-driven metrics
  • Monitoring of system operation
  • Real-time data and historical analysis
  • Optimization of operations
  • Simulation tool of mobility scenarios

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