OpenMove ACT

The app for field personnel

The app OpenMove ACT for field personnel is the ideal tool for inspectors and sellers. OpenMove ACT allows you to sell tickets through a portable printer, collect cash or credit card payments and inspect digital and paper tickets or smartcards. All you need is an Android smartphone connected to Bluetooth devices and you are ready to work on the field.


Fast and agile, even offline

Sales and control in record time, in any condition, even offline. The operation can not be conditioned by connectivity.

Security first

OpenMove ACT guarantees the uniqueness and correctness of each ticket. This ensures the highest level of security and anti-counterfeiting.

Costs cut to the bone

The app OpenMove ACT is available for off-the-shelf Android devices. This allows to avoid expensive investments in dedicated devices with premature obsolescence.

Intuitive and easy

Easy to use, like the apps we use every day. The field personnel will not face difficulty and there will no need for wasteful training or refresher courses.


Ecosystem of accessories

OpenMove ACT is a solution that goes beyond being a simple app: it is compatible with an ecosystem of Bluetooth devices such as printers, POS and optical readers, in order to best meet the needs of sales and inspection on the move.

Compatible with off-the-shelf devices

OpenMove ACT is compatible with Android devices and Bluetooth accessories available on the market. The use of off-the-shelf hardware and standard technologies is a cheaper solution and avoids lock-in compared to proprietary devices.

Paper tickets, digital tickets and smartcards

The distribution of tickets is carried out indifferently on several media: printing a paper ticket, print, sending the ticket in digital format to the user’s account or writing a standard reusable smartcard, thanks to NFC technology.

Real-time centralized distribution

Availability of tickets and tariffs, which are variable by nature, are distributed in real time to OpenMove ACT instances.

User and ticket data at your fingertips

Inspectors often operate under difficult conditions: for this reason the app easily presents the updated user list and has been designed to work without having to press any key during inspections. You simply need to frame a ticket or a license plate to view the data (and possibly the photo) of the user.

Automatic update

OpenMove ACT is distributed privately through a centralized distribution system that ensures automatic update.

Customizable interface

The app for inspectors is customized with the logo and colors of the customer, to emphasize to final users the formality of the inspection.

Mobile device out of batteries

If the user’s device is out of batteries, the inspector can simply check the validity of his ticket by entering the credentials (name and surname or email) in the app to be able to access the list of all tickets purchased and validated by that account.

State-of-the-art anti-fraud technologies

Many technologies have been implemented to make OpenMove ACT secure: authentication with credentials or smartcard, Google SafetyNet attestation, encrypted database, hash chain of records through rolling code, digital signature of the ticket, block of the device’s IMEI in case of theft, log of every operation carried out on the device, sales thresholds for sellers and many others.

Mobile AVL

OpenMove ACT, taking advantage of GPS position tracking and interpolating known data of routes, rides and stops, can therefore be used as a simple and lightweight solution of AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator) for the transport agency fleet.

Seat reservation

Thanks to the graphical display of availability based on calendar and trips, it is easy to select and issue the ticket for a specific trip, parking slot or access in a certain time slot.

Also available from web

OpenMove ACT is also available as a web dashboard optimized for use from desktop workstations. With this web dashboard it is possible to extend the functionality of OpenMove ACT even to ticketing stations already equipped with a PC and a regular A4 printer.

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