MaaS Operators

OpenMove specializes in MaaS Integration services for MaaS operators. OpenMove technologies and its core competencies allow to include intermodal mobility within digital services of third parties.

OpenMove is the connecting link between the ITS systems of each transport operator and the MaaS app, with the goal of opening the door to those who want to bring to its end users multiple transport services of the local or regional area, exploiting and benefitting from the mutual intermodal synergy.

Solutions and products
  • Integration with ITS systems of transport operators
  • Integration or implementation of the necessary features to digitize transport services (ticketing, booking, vehicle tracking, etc.)
  • Import or modeling of mobility offers of a territory within a MaaS Integration layer 
  • Supply of white label app dedicated to end users and related custumer care tools
  • Ticketing and passenger information engine available via API to enable mobility in third-party front-ends
  • Support in tariff management and in the eventual definition of bundle fares
  • Provision of complementary tools (e.g. inspection tools for digital ticketing)
  • Reporting tools of sales and ridership