Smart Cities and Mobility Agencies

OpenMove has all the tools to enable the MaaS within a region regardless of size. The spread of regional MaaS projects is increasingly gaining momentum, and is promoted by those who are called to play an active role in the governance of mobility.

The OpenMove software offering allows you to successfully deploy a MaaS project with the ability to systematise all the mobility options and modes within any region in an intermodal perspective, offering Public Transport Authorities all the tools to take the reins of mobility.

Solutions and products
  • Supply of the Maas Integration layer which acts as a collector of the ITS systems of transport services available in the territory
  • Digitization of transport modes not yet ready for MaaS
  • White label app for end users to get information and access (booking, ticketing, payment) to mobility in MaaS perspective
  • Effective co-modal integration through intermodal trip planner and one-tap purchase of travel tickets
  • Best fare calculation
  • Support to tariff integration and clearing 
  • MaaS platform for the governance on the local mobility scheme
  • Design and consulting on MaaS initiatives and projects
  • Supply of ITS systems for individual transport modes to be included in MaaS intermodal platforms