Work with us

We are

OpenMove is a fast-growing company with a strong mission and vast ambitions. 

The people in our team are the most important company asset: we believe that the intellectual property of a company lies between the ears of its members. 

Growing, and doing it in a sustainable way, is an ever-present objective for OpenMove that we pursue by investing in ourselves and our products, with a genuine passion for innovation. 

We are hiring new colleagues because we have a challenging plan to grow and do new amazing things and we need help to accomplish it. Our mission is demanding but lived with enthusiasm.

Who we look for

What we give

We want to put ourselves in the best possible working conditions, building a dynamic and stimulating work environment where we value everyone’s ideas. You will work on concrete projects that will have an impact on people’s lives and that will make you grow personally and professionally.

We offer a comfortable workplace, IT working tools in step with the times, free food, drinks, coffee and meal vouchers. We organize moments of personal and group training, also thanks to company retreats in the mountains.

The location is in Rovereto (TN), easily reachable both by car and by public transport. 

Why should you come to work in Trentino?

An entrepreneur and now investor who moved from San Francisco to Trentino a few years ago tells his reasons.

Trentino – Alto Adige is the region with the highest quality of life in Italy, which is among the most beautiful countries in the world. Here you can grow professionally but also have fun, play sports and live with your family.

We will thank you for introducing us to the new colleagues – or yourself, if you will be hired – with a dinner for two in a Michelin starred restaurant.