The beating heart of mobility

The engine OpenMove NUCLEUS is the heart of OpenMove Suite and orchestrates all operations and data between the different modules, ensuring maximum reliability and security. OpenMove NUCLEUS is designed to integrate with already existing information systems and act as a collector of services and mobility data.


The heart of movement

The heart of a moving city, which orchestrates all the operations and data of the different software modules of the MaaS system.

Reliability on large scale

Born to handle large volumes of data and move a large amount of people. Every single trip is important, as if it were the only one.

Security by design

The best technologies available to provide bank-level IT security in order to protect data and avoid fraud attempts.

Born to be integrated

An evolving ecosystem, also suitable for introducing tailormade solutions and for easily integrating with existing information systems.


OpenMove is a technology provider that, throughout the years, has designed and developed a vast set of software elements addressing smart mobility and in particular ticketing systems and passenger information systems.

Overview on Technology

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