Data and analytics

Real-time data management

Centralized real-time management of all logs and data collected by user applications, with structured storage logics on dedicated servers or databases to facilitate retrieval and processing of information


Basic data processing is performed and analytics are generated:

  • tickets sold (number, collection and average)
  • trips made (number, distance traveled and average)
  • searches of route calculation performed (number and tickets purchased)
  • logs collected (number by grouping)
  • anomalies found (number by grouping and average)
  • user sessions and cash closures (number)

Data collected by user app OpenMove WAY

  • trips (origin, destination)
  • tickets
  • validations
  • geolocation
  • trips searched
  • pay-ins
  • logs
  • feedback

Data collected by operator app OpenMove ACT

  • tickets
  • ticket inspections
  • Closing of cash register
  • user sessions
  • anomalies
  • logs
  • feedback

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