Trip planning

Multiple planning engines

Flexible and adaptable solution that considers two different options:

  • integration of multiple trip planner engines provided by industry leaders
  • proprietary solution based on Open Trip Planner, that can be customized and instructed (loading of optimized maps, setting route logics, calibrating route calculation based on time, slope or safety, definition of transport services)

Calculation of multimodal path

Multimodal planning considering different use cases: public transport only, park and ride, kiss and ride, bike and ride, bike on board, reduced mobility, luggage transport, etc.

Real-time capabilities

Real-time functionalities by interpolation of data provided by transport agencies (i.e. GTFS-RT) and urban traffic data, with calculation of Estimated Arrival Time (ETA)

Step-by-step instructions

As a result of the route calculation, the system processes step-by-step instructions related to trip segments using transport services and trip segments on foot in order to offer guided navigation to the user’s final destination.

Data simulation engine on map from GTFS

Without real-time data provided by AVL systems, a dedicated engine processes the static GTFS data in order to simulate on the map the movement of the single transport vehicles.

Recommender system

Proactive suggestion of trips and fares considering:

  • trips searched and user purchases
  • time and geolocation
  • traffic congestions
  • user preferences

Compatibility with market standards

Broad compatibility with standard and structured data formats: GTFS, GTFS-RT, VDV, HAFAS, NeTEx, Siri, GBFS

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