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Smartphone: from Swiss army knife to mean of transport

In our pockets finds privileged place the technological tool that, perhaps more than any other, has changed the everyday life of our days. We would struggle to separate ourselves from our smartphone; in fact it is a valid tool to access information and services quickly and easily, the Swiss army knife for modern jungles that knows how to do many things and also pretty well.    

The availability of information and services is so immediate that we end up unifying content and container; the smartphone and the multimedia content merge together and become one, whether it is a video, an image or a payment.

The transport world firmly follows the creative vortex of digitization: a train journey is thus identified with the digital ticket to get on board or an air trip with the system with which it was purchased.

The digital tool itself becomes a means of transport, supporting steel and rubber in the concrete realization of travel. If the roles of steel and rubber are clearly evident, what can we say about the role of the digital medium? It effectively responds to two needs of the traveler: information and access. Being aware of the information that allows you to perform your trip and having the necessary token to access the transport service through the purchase of the ticket or the acknowledgement of your credentials. Today, the transformation is almost complete, from a Swiss army knife the smartphone has become in fact our preferred mean of transport.

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