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OpenMove is now a member of the Smart Ticketing Alliance

A new milestone for OpenMove, has recently become a member of the Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA). You can find this company who specializes in Transport Ticketing Solutions and is based in Rovereto (TN) Italy, by looking at the full list of the International members of the Smart Ticketing Alliance, which is available here:

This has been done according to the OpenMove road map, designed for proactively providing to our National and International Customers what they are seeking, and anticipating new market trends. This new membership has been preceded by those related to Club Italia and TTS Italia. Our COO, Alessandro Sosi, sits in the board of directors of TTS Italia.

According to Lorenzo Modena, the OpenMove CEO: “This new membership shows that our solutions are well-designed and implemented. We think that state-of-the-art software, much more than expensive hardware, is the key element that is able to add value for both the operator/provider and the customer. What we are offering is an Account-Based solution, which is going to replace the traditional Media-Based paradigm”.

The digitalization of transportation thanks to ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) seems to be something that the market is asking for, if we consider what has already happened in other sectors, from banking to e-commerce. This is a fact. Please note that Account-Based is not just mobile ticketing. This is clearly explained by Lorenzo Modena: “In the last few years, OpenMove has been selling and implementing state-of-the-art Account-Based solutions applied to the use of smart cards and QR codes. Our latest implementations allow the use of very cheap thermal paper and has already been a great success and opportunity for our customers, which have obtained great savings”.

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