OpenMove Blog - Manifesto

Why the OpenMove blog? The manifesto

A focus on smart mobility. Why did we decide to share our points of view and our analyses with customers and operators in the sector?

Every week the OpenMove team invests a lot of time on the study of the smart mobility market, working on:

  • Market perspectives
  • Product solutions and innovations
  • Technical analysis and challenges

Being a technology company engaged in the emerging field of MaaS, the development of effective solutions has allowed us to see from a unique point of view the needs and desires of the stakeholders of the smart mobility market.

  • End users, who seek freedom of movement and are at the heart of solution design
  • Public and Private Transport Operators, which aim at efficiency and control on field staff, for whom smooth daily operation is essential
  • Public Administration and the important governance role it performs

We periodically discuss our points of view and share ideas and upcoming trends, putting on the discussion forum ideas and concepts that come from ongoing research, meetings with our customers and partners and from participation in trade events. After many discussions, we have come to realize that the result of our in-depth analyses deserves to go beyond the walls of our offices as a means to engage and garnish the opinions and viewpoints of those who like us, work in the smart mobility sector on a daily basis.

We believe that discussion, analysis and debate are fundamental catalysts necessary for the growth of new ideas. For this reason, we have chosen to share this blog, and the newsletter to which we welcome you to subscribe and provide contribution.

The content of this blog will be derived from the joint experience of those of us who deal with product architecture, business development and technical development and focus on smart mobility and in particular, solutions for the following core components:

  • MaaS (Mobility as a Service)
  • ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
  • AFC (Automated Fare Collection) and Mobile Ticketing
  • PIS (Passenger Information System)
  • AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location)
  • Shared mobility and Micromobility
  • DRT (Demand Responsive Transport)

In this space, you will find only informative discussion and valuable resources. This forum will not be used for advertisement but rather we are seeking to provide topical, relevant and meaningful discussion and analysis on the topic of future mobility.

We will do this with original content developed by our team members and with carefully selected resources that we believe worthy to be disseminated and at the same time useful to keep this Blog informative, useful and relevant as a vehicle for the future of MaaS going forward.

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