Production enterprise environment

  • strong Service Level Agreement: high availability, fault tolerance, load balancing, disaster recovery, monitoring
  • containerization: Docker SWARM, clusters of geographically distributed servers that orchestrate production services + SWARM managers that route requests to different services
  • on cloud or on premise for premium customers
  • high availability
    • scalability of production services: services are replicated easily on different workers
    • continuous monitoring of production services
    • maintenance management system: dedicated server that makes services available during maintenance operations
  • fault tolerance
    • in case of unreachable servers the services are reorganized on the available servers
    • replicated database
  • load balancing
    • balancing services on operational workers
    • balancing services calls
  • disaster recovery
    • saving configuration of the production cluster
    • saving start configurations of the production services
    • configuration information and images of production services always available on external repositories
    • complete and incremental database dump
  • monitoring
    • replicated monitoring system
    • alarm management with gravity/importance steps
    • 24/7 monitoring system with management of maintenance shifts

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