Reference case

Airport bus shuttles


Autostradale is one of the leaders in passenger transport by bus, in particular for airport – city routes, with several routes covered in Italy, some routes in England and many points of sale distributed on the Italian and English territory.
Autostradale still relies largely on on-the-go sales by roadside personnel that operate near departures and arrivals locations in strategic hubs.


The previous solutions consisted of:

  • pre-printed tickets, which had costs and limits of distribution and did not represent an anti-fraud solution
  • proprietary hardware solutions for printing tickets, which forced hardware lock-in with a specific supplier, expensive maintenance and early obsolescence of these devices

The challenge we have embraced is to create a full software solution for ticket issuance, taking into serious consideration the difficult operating conditions in which it is used, mainly in crowded places with non-continuous Internet coverage, and where it is therefore fundamental contemplate – in a transparent manner for the operator – both offline and online use, with realignment with the server and centralization of data.


Given the competition with other transport providers, the speed of ticket issuance is a pivotal competitive element: we have therefore favored the design of a user experience as fluid as possible, intended not only as the use of the app but as the use of the complete emission system, including Bluetooth printer and POS as well.


The customer’s sales volumes are high and with peaks during the day and therefore the Service Level Agreement must guarantee very high standards of 24/7 operation.

The metrics are very important and it is essential to have all the data in real time, to monitor sales and plan accordingly the mobility offering.


The solution for field personnel has been tailored to the specific needs of Autostradale, starting from OpenMove ACT system, made of an Android app for off-the-shelf devices and with a Bluetooth interface to portable printers, POS and optical readers of barcode and QR Code.


The two main features of the solution for field personnel are:
inspection of digital and paper tickets via optical reading (QR Code or barcode) and inspection of smartcards control using NFC technology
issuance of on-the-go tickets printed with portable printers or written on smartcards via NFC technology


To meet the demands of the customer who needs the operation of the sales and control solution even offline, without compromising the requirements of strength and security and potentially expose to an improper use of the system, we have designed and implemented the following technical features:

    • offline ticket issuance and validation with periodical realignment with the server
    • integrity check on different data and levels
    • unique signature of the ticket
    • offline ticket inspection through semantic and content checks
    • hash chaining of the data to ensure anti-tampering
    • centralized distribution and update mechanism of client applications
    • synchronization of the reference time independent from the time of the device

The solution for the operational and administrative personnel in the office is OpenMove ATLAS platform, which allows the following functionalities:

    • management of sales in real time
    • management of travel tickets
    • field and administrative personnel management
    • billing history
    • management of devices and personnel accounts
    • display of app usage logs
    • display of possible anomalies
    • regulation and/or limitation of sales
    • statistics on sales
    • reporting export

The service is provided on cloud by OpenMove with a series of VPS located in multiple locations and orchestrated by the production environment, to which is added a clustered database for data storage. This production architecture allows high availability, fault tolerance, load balancing and disaster recovery of services in order to guarantee a high-level Service Level Agreement to Autostradale.


The solution put in place by OpenMove is an enterprise solution that has been operating for more than 24 months with several million tickets sold per year and that is used by hundreds of operators at the same time with sales peaks of more than € 20,000 per hour.


It is interesting to note how the rollout of the solution, which was meant to have an incremental adoption starting from a single line, was so positive for Autostradale and their employees, to be extended to most of the lines in just three months, replacing the existing systems for road-based sales (both paper tickets and the previous digital systems), as proof of the scalability and modularity by design of OpenMove solutions.


The greater speed and quality in daily operations, thanks to the noteworthy work on UX for sales and inspection personnel, is evidenced by three main metrics measured by the customer:

  • emission time reduced by 50%
  • total profitability increased by 10%
  • 0 frauds to the detriment of the system

The operational and administrative management can rely on the availability in real time of all sales and validation data, accompanied with detailed logs on individual operations. This large statistical base gives the possibility to have immediate insights to monitor trips and sales, plan the offer and detect anomalies of any kind, all in real time.