Parking and Access

OpenMove is the perfect technology partner for stakeholders in the field of parking, both parking operators and technical suppliers of dedicated hardware.

OpenMove brings parking to the cloud, allowing to make management more efficient and to have the strong digital presence that users are accustomed to look for in their daily choices.

Solutions and products
  • Supply of digital tools (app and web app) to access parking quickly and easily
  • Creation of digital channels of booking and payment, with real-time information on parking availability 
  • Integration of parking with mobility solutions available, in a MaaS perspective (e.g. Park & ​​Ride)
  • Integration with IoT, including bars, license plate readers and ticket vending machines (TVM)
  • Provision of mobile app to perform quick automated inspection of the license plate for street level parking
  • Web-based tools for effective management of parking facilities and street level parking, with real-time data and accurate metrics