OpenMove establishes two partnerships to market its solutions in South America and India

2023 is starting with some (global) great news for OpenMove!

OpenMove keeps expanding internationally by signing two important partnership agreements at the end of 2022, one for South America and one for the Indian market.

Internacional de Eléctricos S.A.S. is a company that provides advisory, design and supply for technology projects applied to transport systems and road infrastructure, electrical projects, telecommunications, electronic security, control, surveillance&comfort, lighting, generation, and transport of energy in medium and high voltage. Internacional de Eléctricos is going to promote, market and integrate OpenMove’s solutions in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama, where the company has a strong presence.

Teer Mobility Solutions private limited is an Indian company that wants to offer seamless, integrated travel solutions for the public and private entities, exploiting OpenMove technology. Teer intends to do this by applying the power of technology and AI into the existing fleets (both Public Transport and Demand-Responsive Transport) owned by private and public operators. Teer’s goal is to innovate transport solutions in an integrated manner and provide an innovative, sustainable, cost-efficient way of moving people and goods in Indian cities. The Teer-OpenMove partnership already won a first project to bring Mobility-as-a-Service in India, of which more details are soon going to be revealed.

These two partnerships will combine OpenMove’s transport software solutions with the market knowledge, excellent service and wide experience of Teer Mobility Solutions and Internacional de Eléctricos in their respective territories to accelerate innovation in the smart mobility sector and change how people move thanks to MaaS.

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