OpenMove 2024: Save the date!

January is the month of good intentions, planning and definition of new goals to be achieved. In OpenMove we welcome 2024 with renewed energy and great optimism. Ready to launch innovative and stimulating projects, we expect a calendar full of events that will guide us around the European continent and in the Middle East. This would give us the opportunity to bring our team and our products to the discovery of new markets and opportunities, as well as to establish relationships with new customers and partners.

Among the several events already scheduled, eight events stand out for their relevance, representing for us privileged opportunities to unveil the latest innovations of 2024. At international level, these events are considered among the most significant in the field of smart mobility.

It will be a unique opportunity for you to meet us, get acquainted with our team, express your needs and observations, and have first-hand experience with the full range of our solutions.


MENA Transport Congress

Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 28 February – 1 March 2024

In the heart of Dubai, the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition 2024, resulting from the collaboration between RTA (Road and Transport Authority of Dubai) and UITP (International Union of Public Transport), is shaping the future of urban mobility, promising to bring us into a more sustainable and innovative era. In particular, the focus of the 2024 edition will be on the innovations relating to urban mobility, decarbonisation and welfare goals.

2024 marks our first participation and we look forward to being inspired to tackle the challenges of tomorrow’s urban mobility!


Conference – Technical visit Club Italia

Bari (Italy), 7-8 March 2024

We will participate as speakers at a highly anticipated event to be held in Bari at the beginning of March. The event will explore the vast universe of artificial intelligence (AI), applied to different aspects of transportation, both public and private. Among the topics covered, the use of AI to improve the planning and programming of services, the optimization of passenger counting, infomobility, advanced ticketing systems and interactions with the banking sector, as well as the development of self-driving vehicles. These topics will be examined not only from a theoretical point of view, but also through their practical and applicative impact, offering a unique opportunity to discuss and learn about the potential of AI.

See you in Bari!



Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 16-19 April 2024

Intertraffic is one of the world’s leading events in terms of mobility and transport technologies, attracting participants from every corner of the planet. Universally acknowledged as one of the most significant events in the mobility sector, its great value was already evident in the 2018 and 2022 editions. This year, in 2024, we will expand our booth and once again head to Amsterdam with great enthusiasm to showcase the latest innovations!


Next Mobility Exhibition

Milano (Italy), 8-10 May 2024

NME represents the ideal crossroads where industry professionals meet with vehicle manufacturers, technology providers and developers of solutions and strategies aimed at promoting a sustainable and cutting-edge mobility system. It is a unique moment that promotes the exchange of ideas, innovation and collaboration to push the world towards a greener and technologically advanced mobility. Our presence in 2022 marked a significant moment of active participation and commitment to these crucial issues and for this reason we are excited to reconfirm our presence as exhibitors.


Conference – Technical visit TTS Italia

Roma (Italy), 15 May 2024

At the “Technological Solutions for the Safety of Mobility Services” conference, the manifesto on safety solutions for mobility services will be unveiled. This manifesto represents TTS Italia’s vision and offers recommendations for enhancing the safety of mobility services through the adoption of ITS technologies. Discussions will focus on Safety, which refers to technologies aimed at road safety, and Security, concerning technologies designed to ensure safety in local public transport, infrastructure, and critical transport junctions. We will join the event, see you at the conference!



Karlsruhe (Germany), 14-16 May 2024

We are happy to share our experience and expertise at IT-TRANS, certain to dive into the perfect environment to weave new professional relationships and establish a productive dialogue with partners and customers regarding the digital transformation of the public transport sector. Our participation in 2022 was an enriching experience that confirmed the importance of these opportunities to promote innovation and collaborate on projects that make public transport more efficient, accessible and sustainable. See you in Karlsruhe!


Conference – Technical visit Club Italia

Urbino e Pesaro (Italy), 23-24 May 2024

The technical visit and Club Italia Conference will be held on May 23rd and 24th in Urbino and Pesaro. Municipalities and the Region, Public Transport Companies, and Universities will convene to discuss innovative public transportation solutions designed to serve the citizens. Key technical topics such as mobility information, electronic ticketing, and account-based ticketing will be the focal points of the two-day event. We will join the event, see you at the conference!










Berlino (Germany), 24-27 September

Innotrans stands out as the most globally recognized trade fair in the field of railway transport and beyond. An event that brings together the latest innovations, technologies and solutions for the railway industry and the public transport sector. This is our first participation and we are hopeful that InnoTrans will represent an opportunity to delve into emerging trends in the sector and explore new opportunities for growth and collaboration in the world of rail mobility. See you at the fair!


Smart City Expo World Congress

Barcellona (Spain), 5-7 November 2024

The Smart City Expo World Congress stands as the leading and most impactful international event dedicated to smart cities and the undelying innovation. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, from smart mobility to the digital revolution, environmental sustainability and the new frontiers of city governance, Barcelona becomes a catalyst for innovative ideas and a crossroads of invaluable opportunities. Our constant attendance, now in its eighth year, highlights the crucial importance of this event as a source of inspiration and valuable relationships for the creation of smarter, liveable and connected cities. 


International Bus Expo

Rimini (Italy), 19-21 November 2024

This autumn we will have the pleasure of returning to Rimini for our third attendance at a major event that explores the current panorama and future prospects of transport intermodality. The event will focus on long-distance travel and the dynamics of local public transport, offering us an ideal platform to immerse ourselves in the latest industry trends, innovations and challenges.


We firmly believe that industry events represent unique and valuable opportunities for our business development and success. We attend these events with energy and enthusiasm, inspired by the prospect of sharing and enriching our knowledge. The opportunity to meet in person, to present our business reality and to show the innovations and products that characterize our offer, is a moment that we look forward to. If you are also planning to participate, do not hesitate to contact us! It would be the perfect opportunity to arrange a face-to-face meeting to explore potential synergies and collaborations together. 

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