OpenMove stems from the idea of bringing mobility closer to people, providing information and easy access to transport services.  

This vision soon becomes concrete in an organic business growth, based on effective market solutions with a strong innovative impact, able to make mobility more efficient and therefore improving users’ lives.

The expansion of OpenMove consists of both direct commercial action and partnerships with industry leaders. These activities enable the participation in large mobility transformation projects, following a holistic approach.

This perspective allows to further enhance and refine the technical offer and the in-depth sector knowledge that OpenMove makes available to mobility and therefore, in turn, to people.


The company is composed of a team of professionals with complementary skills and a common vision on the future evolution of mobility. All team members work exclusively in the field of smart mobility, developing high-impact technology solutions for different problems and needs as part of a journey that enriches, year after year, the overall domain expertise.

OpenMove masters all the technical and managerial competencies required to successfully deliver a project, on top of its extensive domain-specific knowledge on smart mobility. Hereafter please find the technical and managerial competencies possessed by OpenMove’s team.

Technical competencies

  • Software architecture: analysis and design of complex systems; optimized software creation and optimized data saving; replicated database modeling; design of the maintenance system of the production services; analysis of the load distribution between production servers; design of microservices;
  • UX design: designing and modeling solutions using user-centered design techniques; continuous prototyping; development of applications with responsive design;
  • Web development: development of web applications; optimization of applications; development of management dashboards;
  • Mobile development: development of iOS and Android mobile applications;
  • Service provision, management and maintenance: on cloud provision and management of complex services; monitoring of the operation of production services and of the proper functioning of server machines; optimized data distribution for complex systems.

Managerial competencies

  • Tendering: ability to analyze in-depth tender documentation in order to formulate the most effective proposal considering resources involved. Thanks to our considerable  experience in participation to large tenders, our team can effectively participate in the design of all the elements required for a tender with high quality documentation;
  • Project planning: preparation of extensive scope statement which includes all relevant parts, such as project objective, deliverables, milestones, key requirements, limits and exclusions. Assessment of stakeholders, analysis to address combination of influence and interest in the project.
  • Project delivery: development of Work Breakdown Structure through visual format, tracking of issues and risks encountered, meeting management, updating of project schedule and assessment of possible critical situations.
  • Oversight: monitoring of all human actions which could affect the project outcome, evaluation of project performance and identification of necessary elements to keep project on track.

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