Validate and travel

My tickets

On the “My Tickets” page you can view the purchased tickets divided into “To use” and “Expired”.

The different colors that appear on the left side of the tickets indicate their status and outline the possible actions accordingly:

  • Purple: Ticket to purchase [ACTION> “Buy”]
  • Yellow: Ticket purchased, to be validated [ACTIONS> “Gift”, “Validate”]
  • Green: Valid ticket [ACTION> “Validate again”]
  • Gray: Ticket expired [NO ACTION]


A ticket can have a time validity (typically urban tickets) with different durations – 70 minutes, 120 minutes, daily – appropriately indicated within the app: it is therefore immediate to check the ticket status with the remaining validity minutes or the due date.

After the first validation it is possible to make new validations in the subsequent trips by clicking on “Validate again”.

A ticket can also have “origin-destination” validity (typically suburban tickets). In this case it is still possible to validate the ticket again in the case of a change of vehicle within the planned route.


Download the app OpenMove

The app OpenMove allows you to find information on mobility and conveniently purchase tickets with your smartphone, drawing on a fully integrated mobility offer.