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OpenMove is a vertical solution provider of software for MaaS

Our core business is to design and develop software solutions for smart mobility.
Our verticality is expressed in implementations based on the latest generation of cloud and mobile technologies, which are best suited to addressing issues related to Mobility-as-a-Service.

OpenMove has a vast domain expertise in mobility

The OpenMove team is born with a specific purpose: to enable smart mobility through dedicated software. Since the beginning it deals with matters related to intelligent mobility and in the last perspective to MaaS, on which it has developed an extensive domain expertise over the years from both the design and implementation point of view.

OpenMove masters major technical development resources

We believe that our added value lies mainly in our intellectual property and advanced technological experience. OpenMove has realized and continues to evolve (even with custom design and development on customer needs) both technological components and end-to-end market products for which it guarantees 24/7 enterprise-level provision.

OpenMove has significant figures and strong reference cases

Our concrete experience on mobility projects and the effectiveness of our solutions are proved by numerous successful cases of various kinds and by the millions of trips accomplished by users thanks to OpenMove. Our solutions maintain positive key performance indicators even after a long time, thanks to the actual benefits provided.

Transport and parking providers

OpenMove supports the customer and knows their needs

Since its birth, the OpenMove team takes care of supporting public and private transport agencies of any size to meet their needs in terms of ticketing and passenger information. Thanks to the direct contact and knowledge, as well as to the flexibility that distinguishes us, we are able to provide our customers with complete, ready-to-use and flexible solutions.

OpenMove has robust and complete market solutions

OpenMove has developed a complete ecosystem of ticketing and passenger information software solutions organized in several interconnected products, which can be used for different purposes and have been successful on the market for years now.

OpenMove has plug&play solutions

OpenMove solutions are available off-the-shelf therefore ready to be used immediately on the field, thanks to co-design with transport agencies. The whole system is designed and built for completely autonomous usage by the personnel, it does not need installation nor configuration, it does not require dedicated devices or any specific IT competence. From the very beginning it is possible to manage all the phases of implementation and operational management in a self-service way.

OpenMove has a SaaS business model with no upfront costs

OpenMove is a service-oriented solution that does not require purchase licenses or initial setup costs. OpenMove proposes a pricing with costs proportional to the services used, which allows low-cost implementation and operation proportional to the actual use.

Smart Cities and Regions

OpenMove has solutions to set up a MaaS scheme

OpenMove provides all the software elements needed to enable integrated intermodal mobility, standardizing a city’s offers to address the problem of mobility as a global problem: a single citizen can move well only if all citizens can move well. OpenMove offers a unique access point for citizens to take door-to-door trips, thanks to the possibilities offered by mobile ticketing and real-time passenger information.

OpenMove gives tools to keep up with the times and have the reins on mobility

OpenMove’s tools give cities the innovative drive to keep pace with times and offer adequate tools in line with the technological confidence of its digital users.
Thanks to the availability of data collected from users and delivered in real-time to users, the city, on the one hand, has a direct communication channel with its citizens and, on the other, it can understand any mobility issues and has the reins in order to implement policies and new mobility experiments (changes or upgrades of offers) when necessary.

OpenMove has experience of domain and references on a European scale

OpenMove is among the few companies in Europe to have direct experience in what it means to concretely implement the MaaS, as highlighted by numerous successful cases in multiple geographies, which today have a significant adoption with very relevant figures.

OpenMove offers solutions that remain current over time

Each element proposed is based on technologies that have cloud and mobile among their fundamentals which, by their very nature, are constantly updated to remain functional in the software ecosystem. OpenMove not only develops software but even services that are maintained up-to-date over time.

R&D Partners in smart mobility projects

OpenMove is born to develop MaaS projects

The MaaS is the new frontier of smart mobility, being a combination of public and private transport in any given area, which translates into door-to-door, holistic and user-centric journeys, paid with by a single touch on your own device, whatever it is. This is the vision that OpenMove seeks to integrate into each of its projects, from simple pilot projects to complex management systems for ticketing and passenger information.

OpenMove can manage a research project
from A to Z

Our mindset is intrinsically devoted to innovation and to the search for innovative solutions for complex problems. OpenMove’s team consists of skilled resources dedicated both to technical development and to the management of research projects in every single phase: design, implementation, supervision, reporting. Our team can count on consolidated experience in research, also academic, as well as extensive experience in writing projects aimed at calls for innovation in the field of smart mobility.

OpenMove only develops solutions that have a real impact

In the OpenMove team we believe in solutions that give a real impact, which are able to improve operations by adding simplicity and efficiency. We believe that a project can only be considered successful if it can effectively improve the user’s everyday life, on the one hand, and the overall efficiency of the system on the other. Our success cases clearly prove this point.

OpenMove masters in-depth technical development knowledge

We believe that our added value is our intellectual property and our advanced technological experience. OpenMove has realized all of its technological components entirely and continues to evolve both technological elements and end-to-end market products. The main domain expertise is full mobile and cloud solutions, which better respond to the future challenges of fluid mobility.

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