Ticket lifecycle

Management of the entire lifecycle of a ticket: issuance, payment, activation, validation, inspection, expiry.


Full digital solution that supports multiple delivery channels of tickets:

  • mobile ticketing via smartphone (OpenMove WAY)
    • QR Code
    • NFC (HCE)
    • rolling colors or words
  • printed paper via Bluetooth printer (OpenMove ACT)
  • smart card (for seasonal tickets)
  • mail receipts
  • ticket vending machines
  • AFC barrier gates
  • stand-alone validators
  • integration with wearables
  • integration with vocal assistants


  • definition of the transportation schedules and associated geographic information:
    • stops
    • routes
    • trips
    • stop times
    • calendar
    • shapes
    • transfers
    • type of vehicles
    • capacity of vehicles
  • multiple booking channels: several digital booking cha


A completely multimodal system that guarantees high compatibility with different transport services:

  • bus
  • train
  • metro
  • parking
  • cableway
  • boat
  • taxi
  • carsharing
  • bikesharing
  • tolling
  • and more



  • Multi-tenant solution allowing for seamless interoperability of multiple operators within the same environment
  • Allows for advanced clearing logics
  • Easy onboarding of new agencies, even from a plug&play web dashboard called OpenMove ATLAS 

Compatibility with market standards

Totally compatible with market standards and structured data formats: GTFS, GTFS-RT, VDV, HAFAS, NeTEx, Siri, GBFS

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