Integration layer

System layer that allows incoming and outgoing data communication of the entire OpenMove ecosystem

  • modular structure to facilitate new data communications to and from third-party systems that allows to focus the integration effort in a single point
  • APIs for different data formats communication: JSON, XML, CSV, proprietary formats
  • engine that translates heterogeneous data of transport agencies in data recognized by OpenMove system; it allows the correct operation of the system by selecting the ad-hoc translator among those present or creating it from scratch
  • limitation of API calls handled by the web services provided by layer
  • delayed sending of data to third-party services with repetition in case of error
  • mobility actors subscription: collection and delivery of mobility information
    • subscription manager for the management of sales and passenger information channels enabled to receive mobility information from the system
    • centralized management that enables the distribution of mobility services to third parties
    • automatic update distribution
  • input/output data exchanged:
    • definition of stops, routes, trips, stop times, calendar, shapes, transfers, types of transport services, capacity of the vehicles, data transmissible even in GTFS format
    • feed for transport service alerts
    • sold tickets
    • seat reservations
    • validated tickets
    • inspected tickets
    • seasonal tickets
    • decoding of vehicle codes
    • parking reservations
    • parking availability
    • operator information
    • operators sales sessions
    • GPS position
    • user data

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