Inspection is the checking of the validity of tickets performed by authorized personnel.

Multiple scenarios

  • Device-aided inspection (OpenMove ACT):
    • QR Code / barcode on the digital or paper ticket to be read by the app for inspectors
    • Passive NFC (HCE mode) on the smartphone of the users to be read by the app for inspectors
    • User credentials (mail, name and surname) to be checked by the app for inspectors
    • Plate of the vehicle to be checked using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology of the app for inspectors
  • On sight inspection:
    • watermarks and animations embedded in the digital ticket in the app for users
    • rolling word, color or code that randomically and simultaneously changes both on the app for users and the app for inspectors

Offline inspection

In order to guarantee 100% uptime of operations, even in situations with poor Internet connectivity, offline inspection is available:

  • offline semantic control of the ticket: the code read during the inspection is semantically validated by the device. This process verifies the presence of identifiers of the ticket issuer, codes to recognize the ticket type, hash signature to verify the integrity of the code and timestamp for time validity check
  • cache and online re-sync with the server: all data recorded by the app for inspectors are temporarily stored in dedicated data structures on the mobile device and synchronized with the server when the connection is restored

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