Fares system

Flexible fare schemes

  • freedom to manage multiple tariff schemes and associated logics, even with plug&play dashboard ATLAS
  • real time propagation to frontends and AFC systems
  • multiple ticket types supported:
    • depending on route / zones
    • depending on origin or destination
    • depending on expiry time or date
    • depending on trip validity
    • seasonal tickets
    • blocks of tickets
    • check in / check out – pay as you go
    • bundles of different transport services with MaaS logics
  • ready for revenue management

Best fare calculation

Calculation of the right ticket or tickets in order to accomplish all the segments (either on the same or different transport services) of a journey. Best fare logics are considered:

  • time caps (daily/weekly/monthly/…)
  • distance caps
  • interoperability agreements between multiple transport agencies operating in the same area
  • suburban transportation (with complex origin/destination matrices)

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