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OpenMove joins the association Club Italia

In 2020 OpenMove became a supporting member of the prestigious association Club Italia. The association Club Italia has been operating for 20 years at the national level with the aim of encouraging the use of public transport. At the forefront of Club Italia’s tenets for public transportation, has been the ability to increase the flexibility of use, concerns for safety, convenience of payment and the integration of different modes of transport. All objectives are perfectly aligned with the mobility solutions offered by OpenMove.

“Joining Club Italia was a natural and logical confluence” says Alessandro Sosi, COO of OpenMove “which will allow us to get in touch with new stakeholders in the sector, with the aim of driving the direction, creating meaningful discussion and setting the course for growth. For many years we followed the activities of the association and we understood that the time was ripe to actively join this network, even more so because going forward from 2020 there will be a lot of talk about MaaS”.

MaaS (acronym for Mobility-as-a-Service) is the new paradigm of access to future mobility. We are not talking about new innovative transport modes, but about a new concept and use of mobility as a whole. In a nutshell, leveraging advances in technology to sort of form a Netflix or Spotify for public transport. “This is what we strive to deliver every day: quick and easy access to transport services, whatever and wherever they are. The MaaS market is poised for exponential growth, the demands for mobility services are increasing rapidly, and with it we can attain unbound freedom of movement.”

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