Modular suite of software solutions

to enable Mobility-as-a-Service

OpenMove SUITE

OpenMove is a MaaS suite that aims to boost the usage of mobility services. It is a passenger information and ticketing solution with modular frontends and a core engine on a cloud enterprise environment that guarantees robustness and scalability.

APP for users

Trips and tickets right in your pocket

MaaS logics: intermodal, multiagency

A-to-B intermodal trip planner

Nearby offerings

Proactive suggestion of trips and tickets

1 tap pay

APP for operators

Inspection and sales with anti-fraud technologies


Ticket sales

Integration with Bluetooth (printers, POSs, etc.)

Offline work

Anti-fraud technologies (blockchain DB, encryption, etc.)

ADMIN dashboard for transport companies

Real-time management of fares and personnel with complete data and analytics

Onboard and manage multiple agencies

Self-service fares management


Manage payment methods


Personnel management

Frontend devices logging and monitoring

Frauds and anomalies detections


Orchestration of frontends and integration with 3rd parties via APIs

Fares system: management of all the fares with MaaS logics

Ticket editor: creation and management of the tickets

Validation: inspection and validation logics

Recommender system: analysis of behavioral patterns of the user to prompt proactive suggestions of trips and tickets

Trip planner: intermodal journeys by multiple trip planner engines

Analytics: management of all the statistics about trips and tickets

Clearing: clearing for the transport operators onboarded in the system

Booking & Route: management of rides and seat reservation

Channel publisher and subscriber


MaaS suite able to provide with end to end capabilities to address door-to-door mobility needs: intermodal journeys, multiagency, multiple mobility services, information + ticketing.

Super fast and slick onboarding of new mobility services and pricing models.

Quick to roll out: few days for a pilot, available also with SaaS model with no setup costs.

Modular solution deployable on cloud or on premises, available also as white-label, quick deployment and integration with 3rd party environment.

Robust, scalable and adaptable: high availability and scalability, hardware agnostic, no legacy system.

State-of-the-art anti-fraud mechanisms.


OpenMove is used by public transport operators, private bus operators and tourism operators in 6 countries in the world. Use cases encompass mobile ticketing, issuing and sales of paper tickets and integration with 3rd party platform for users access and data exchange. The system processes now €1.8M per month, handles over 200.000 tariffs and has 70.000 operating hours per month.